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Kindly follow us on while we share with our investors the selections that we had made. For premier account holders, a private email/ newsletter will be sent upon filtering a profitable counter. First hand information/ selection will be revealed. Kindly email us at for newsletter pricing.

How does Invest In KL operates?

(1) Investors will need to sign up interest by sending an email to "". Drop us your full name, age and contact information.

(2) We will then send you an email on a counter we deem would reap you the best ROI within the shortest amount of time. (We would like to emphasize again that we do not advocate T+3 plays, we invest in a counter in preparation of holding it up to 12 weeks unless otherwise stated.)

(3) For every counter given, we will give a set of strict target price, and stop loss. (Please learn how to set up a trailing stop loss).

(4) If market conditions changes, such as overnight DJIA freefalls 2%, which will set off a chain of events, causing all markets to be red, we will recommend everyone to lock in their profit and wait for market to stabilize. We do not take risks, only calculated ones.

(5) How do we earn/ profit? For every winning counter we give, upon reaching an 8% (and above), we expect a humble amount of Ringgit 888 to be paypal to our account (which we will follow up in a subsequent email). YES, we will only ask for payment after YOU PROFIT from the winning counter that we provided.

So what are YOU waiting for!?

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